Nova Meditech Diagnostic and Research Centre has facilities for all routine biochemical, microbiological and pathological investigations. In addition, it is the only laboratory to provide Specialty Profiles to help in the diagnosis of certain specific problems. These include metabolic syndrome work-up, diabetic risk assessment, complication assessment and monitoring panels, fever panels for different duration of fever and of course other routinely available panels. Interpretation of the results will be provided separately on specific request.

Nova also provides exclusive facilities for analytical toxicology to identify the poison or drug in cases of accidental or deliberate consumption. Available round the clock, this service has helped to save many lives.

Pathological diagnosis is very important for the treating physician and so often doubts and confusions exist. We have set up a complete pathology laboratory with facilities for detailed hematological workup. Most important, we have set up exclusive tie-ups with very reputed pathologists elsewhere in Karnataka for second opinion whenever it is felt necessary by the doctor. Already many patients have made use of this unique facility to get the doubts and uncertainties cleared.

Biochemical tetts | Metabolic evaluation | Microbiology | Pathology, Hematology

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