Tests-Pathology, Hematology

The following histopathological, cytological and hematological tests are routinely done at Nova Meditech. We also offer facilities for second opinion from renowned experts on histopathological specimen. For details, please contact arkedige@gmail.com


  • Total and differential count, ESR, Hemoglobin, PCV, Complete Hemogram, Platelets, BT, CT, Reticulocyte Count, Peripheral Smear Study, Blood Group& Rh


  • Routine histopathology of all specimen
  • Exclusive Second Opinion from best experts


  • Pap. Smear
  • Fine Needle Aspiration
  • Synovial Fluid; ascitic fluid; pleural fluid; bronchial lavage; other

QBC Test

  • Malaria; Microfilaria

Malarial Parasite Count; RDTs

Coomb’s Test

  • Direct and Indirect

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